The 4DH Strategic Research Centre, the RE-INVEST project and Aalborg University invited researchers and experts from industry and businesses to the 4th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating. This year’s conference took place from 13-14 November 2018 in Aalborg. With more than 130 interesting presentations, high-profile keynote speakers, exciting workshops and technical tours, the conference received a high level of interest. This year, we welcomed 320 participants representing 27 different countries. The aim of the conference was to present and discuss scientific findings and industrial experiences related to the subject of Smart Energy Systems based on renewable energy and future 4th Generation District Heating Technologies and Systems (4GDH).

Access the Book of Abstracts and more information here.

Watch some highlights from the conference

The conference took place at Nordkraft, the city’s former power station now
convertedinto a large venue for conferences, sports and music.
The conference dinner was served at Musikkens Hus, House of Music – a multi-purpose venue on Aalborg’s waterfront.

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