Abstracts can be submitted from 5 February to 15 April 2021.

Did you miss the deadline? Please, contact us at Sesconference@plan.aau.dk.


Submission Procedure to Special Issue Journals

At this conference, a full paper submission is not a requirement. You may present your abstract at the conference without upgrading to a full paper.

Both scientific and industrial contributions to the conference are most welcome. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a scientific and an industrial committee.

When submitting your abstract, you may indicate that you wish to have your paper invited for a special issue of The International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management; Energy, Smart Energy or Energies – or that you do not wish to upgrade your abstract to a full paper.

Whether you will be invited for the special issue of your choice depends on space and on how well your work aligns with the scope of the journal. You may thus be invited to another journal than the one you have selected – or none at all. This is based on an evaluation of the journal editors.

To submit a paper to one of the SI journals:

  1. You must be registered for the conference as a presenter of an accepted abstract.
  2. You must have received a personal invitation to submit your paper to the SI journal in question. 

Invitations for special issues will be e-mailed prior to the conference and a reminder after the conference.

NB: The dates when the SI journals will be open for submission of papers will be announced in due time.