Technical Tour 11 September: Heat pit storage at Høje
Taastrup District Heating

There has been a slight change in the program, due to a high number of registered participants. We have now closed for registration to the tour.

Høje Taastrup District Heating and the district heating company VEKS have built and now own a heat pit storage together. Since its inauguration in late 2022 it has added value to the Greater Copenhagen district heating system and contributes to the green transition. The purpose of the storage is to store district heating when it is cheap to produce – and supply when it is expensive to produce. The storage contains 70,000 m3 (equivalent to 3,300 MWh), has a charging and discharging capacity of 30 MW and is expected to add an annual value of DKK 6-7 million to the Greater Copenhagen district heating system. Quoting CEO Astrid Birnbaum: “The project is a unique cooperation between many players in the district heating systems of the Copenhagen metropolitan area. Our common goal is less expensive and greener energy”.

Time and venue:
11 September 2023 at 14:30 CEST: Meet at DGI Byen/ CPH Conference,  2nd floor conference room : ”Hovedbanegården“ (the conference venue: DGI Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København V)

Returning to DGI Byen at approx. 17.45 CEST.

The tour includes:
A presentation and tour of the heat pit storage. Sandwich and refreshments.


14:30: DGI Byen 2nd floor conference room: Presentation of the economic/business and technological background, process and project of the heat pit storage by Astrid Birnbaum, CEO Høje Taastrup District Heating; Seconded by Hendrik Wetzel, Engineering Consultant, Planenergi

15:30 : Q&A

15:45 Departure from DGI Byen. Busses depart from DGI Byen for the Heat pit storage at Bondehøjvej, 2630 Tåstrup. Astrid and Hendrik can take questions in the busses.

16:05 : Short Stop at /Passing a new datacenter  

Approx 16:25-17.10: Visit to the heat pit storage,  Astrid and Hendrik can take questions.

17.10: Bus departs for DGI Byen

Approx 17.45: Return at DGI Byen 

520 DKK (approx. 70 EUR incl. VAT)

Practical information:
Limited seats available. Registration is binding.



Technical Tour 14 September: Public and Business Energy
Communities – Avedøre Holme

The Energy Community Avedøre consists of a wide variety of stakeholders – both citizens, the municipality, a social housing organization, businesses, the local district heating company and the local high school. The aim is to share locally produced energy and to integrate both production and consumption of electricity and heating. The energy community is working with PVs, charging of EVs, batteries and windmills alongside a range of innovative district heating projects. At the site of Hvidovre High School the principal and chairman of the Energy Community Avedøre will bid you welcome and introduce you to the thoughts behind. A representative of a local company – the movie production company Zentropa – will also be sharing his thoughts on being part of the development of the Energy Community Avedøre.

The industrial energy community of Avedøre Holme will also be presented by one of the local stakeholders. He will share his thoughts on the common vision of the companies of the area and their ambitions. They wish to become self-sufficient with locally produced and shared energy.

Tour Guide:
Gitte Wad, Project Manager, Energy Cluster Denmark.

Time and venue:
Departure: 14 September 2023 at 8:30 CEST.

Departure from DGI Byen (the conference venue).

Returning to DGI Byen at approx. 11.45 CEST.

The tour includes:

8:30 : Departure from DGI Byen

8:50 :  Arrival at Hvidovre Gymnasium – Blytækkerporten 2, 2650 Hvidovre

9:00 : Welcome by Tania Sheikh Larsen/Principal at Hvidovre Gymnasium and Chairman for ”Energifællesskab Avedøre”

9:05 : Presentation by Tania Sheikh Larsen & Stephan C. Krabsen about ‘Energifællesskab Avedøre’

9:45 : Presentation by Kasper about “business-energy community” Avedøre Holme

10:15 : Visit to Sunpanels at roof

10:30 : Departure to “Zentropa” – a Danish film company and studio– Pass the sunpanels

10:40 : Presentation by Anders Kjærhauge about Zentropa’s engagement in “Energifællesskab Avedøre”

11:15 : Departure

11:45 : Arrival at DGI byen

520 DKK (approx. 70 EUR incl. VAT)

Practical information:
Registration is binding. 


14 September: DaCES anniversay, Danish Centre of Energy Storage

On the DaCES Anniversary on the 14th of September, you can hear about the report “Status, strengths and synergies – DaCES report on energy storage in Denmark 2023”, which DaCES publishes the same day. The report provides an overview of energy storage and technologies, their maturity and examples of strong collaborations between industry and research.

‘Energy storage is an important piece in realizing the ambitions for a green, integrated and cost-effective energy system. We are looking forward to bringing together industry, SMEs, research and politicians on the 14th of September, where we will present our recommendations on how Denmark can develop the field into a green growth engine. Common goals are needed so that we do not end up in debates about which technology is most important today, but instead look up and decide where we want to go as a society and with our comprehensive green transition.’ – Head of Secretariat at DaCES, Anne Marie Damgaard

Read more here


Anja Bo, journalist

Time and venue: 

14 September 2023 at 12:00 CEST. 
DAC, Blox, Bryghusgade 10, 1473 København. 


12:00: Lunch and registration

12:30: Welcome by Anne Marie Damgaard, head of secretariat, DaCES.

12:40: Global outlook by Martin Lidegaard, leder, Radikale Venstre.

13:10: Status, strengths and synergies – DaCES rapport about energy storage in Denmark 2023. Presentation by Brian Vad Mathiesen, professor, AAU. 

13:35: Battery technology in Denmark. Film with Dorthe Ravnsbæk, professor, AU. 

13:45: DaCES policy brief about batteries. Presentation by Søren Dahl, Lead Scientist, R&D, Topsoe og Niels Dyreborg Nielsen, technical chief consultant, DaCES

14:00: Experiences from two Danish SMEs within battery storage.  Kristoffer Visti Grae, R&D Scientist, FOM Technologies Bendt Böwadt Iversen, Business Development Manager, Xolta. 

14:30: Break with coffee and cake.  

15:00: Faster global green adjustment and danish climate goals. How does Denmarks, InnoMission2, MissionGreenFuels, contribute to the development of green fuels? Interview with Carina Jensen, Partnership Director, MissionGreenFuels, AAU. Film about MissionGreenFuels projects with participations of industry and researchers from Topsoe, European Energy, SDU, DTU, AAU, KU with more. 

15:15: The Danish ecosystem: New technologies require new materials. Experiences with Power-to-X and thermal storage. Sebastian Koks Andreassen, CEO, Green Hydrogen Systems. Karine Blandel, Senior Business Developer, Hyme Energy. Tejs Vegge, professor, DTU and leder of CAPeX Pioneer Center. 

15:45: Panel discussion. Lars Ottosen, chairperson for DaCES, Head of Institute, AU; Kristian Ruby, secretary-general, Eurelectric; Linea Søgaard-Lidell, energy spokesperson, Venstre, Kasper Nørgaard, Scientific Director, Novo Nordisk Fonden, Glenda Napier, CEO, Energy Cluster Denmark. How can we with a mission-driven approach to research, development and innovation accelerate the green transition. How and with what means can we make energy storage and energy conversion a Danish position of strength and contribute to solving global climate challenges? 

16:25:  Ending. Anja Bo, journalist and Anne Marie Damgaard, head of a secretariat, DaCES

16.30: Drinks and networking. 


Member of DaCES: Free (It is your company/organisation that is a member of DaCES. As an employee you participate for free). 

Not a member of DaCES: 1.000 DKK (approx. 134 EUR excl. VAT.) 

Practical information:  

This event will ONLY be in Danish.